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  Hi everyone.  By now you have heard that Willard Mountain has filed for Chapter 11.  While no one wants to admit they were wrong, in regards to the leased land, I was.  We will have one creditor who we will owe more money to than we can pay at one time.  We can and will make these payments as soon as possible, in the meantime, Willard will continue to provide the type of service that you have come to know and expect.  We hope you will stand by us as we go through this. 

Our Season Passes are on summer sale prices till the end of July.  Simply click on the link below for a season pass application.

Thank you to ALL our Willard customers for making Willard "New York's Coolest Little Ski Area"!

Click here to download and print a season pass application.      


Please call the office at 518-692-7337 if you have any questions, need to sign up for a program, make a private lesson reservation, or need help with forms.
For Ski Lesson Forms, Click Here!